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About Us

Elite Childcare Educators work in partnership with Elite (the approved provider) to provide education and care services from within their own home or other approved venue. 

Our Educators welcome your family into their home, day and night, to strengthen the relationship between children, families, communities and society.

We not only create a stable and secure environment, but provide individual attention to strengthen your child’s social and emotional development.

We Believe

  • Each family has its own characteristics, strengths and resources.
  • All families have strengths.
  • Children and their families are part of a community.
  • Families have the most influence on their children.
  • Parents have interests, roles and responsibilities in addition to their family responsibilities.
  • There are many ways for a family to be involved with their children’s care.
  • Families and Elite Childcare Professionals have something to offer each other.

Family Day Care Australia Logo  Elite Childcare is a member of Family Day Care Australia.

The Role Of Elite Childcare Solutions

What does Elite Childcare do?

Patatap Pty Ltd is the approved provider (PR- 00008072) of Elite Childcare Solutions  trading as Elite Family Day Care (SE-00014066)  & Elite Family Childcare Perth (SE-40005069). 

Elite Childcare monitors and supports educators to provide a high quality child care service that meets the needs of the children and families using the service.

Elite Childcare is approved by the federal government to administer Child Care Benefit on behalf of families. Child Care Benefit is a government program that offers assistance to families in the form of reduced fees or lump sum payments. It is means tested and the amount received depends on the families’ gross income per financial year, this is determined by the Family Assistance Office (FAO).

The staff at Elite Childcare are qualified and have an extensive knowledge of family day care. Our staff support educators and families by:

  • discussing the families needs and offering choices in educators (where possible)
  • supporting educators in their role and the development of their service
  • dealing with queries and concerns from educators and families
  • planning and presenting professional development opportunities
  • processing payments to educator

Our Educational Philosphy

Educators and children create environments that foster curiosity and discovery through the use of open ended resources. Open ended resources and natural environments can be explored in unlimited imaginative ways that the child chooses, there is no 'wrong or 'right' way to play. This allows children to respond in their own unique and distinctive ways developing competent and involved learners.

A culture of enquiry based learning. The Elite Childcare philosophy is influenced by the theorists Froebel, Dewey, Montessori, Louv and Fromm.

The foundations of Elite Childcare practices are:

  • collaborating with children and families to record shared learning journeys.
  • children learn through play, exploring real-life situations and will be encouraged to experiment and think for themselves
  • children develop their own interests; and work in ways that match and challenge their understanding and appreciation of their world
  • children are supported to establish their understanding of unity and interconnectedness, by fostering relationships and social interactions within mixed age groups
  • emotional intelligence and resilience are developed by nurturing the instinctive bond between human beings and others living systems.
  • providing educational experiences are provided in indoor and outdoor home environments.
  • embracing the opportunity to learning from the world and its peoples.

Elite Childcare Solutions’ support team lead and guide Educators who:

  • are passionate about protecting childhoods.
  • have knowledge of child development
  • establish respectful and reciprocal relationships with families and children and their communities.
  • will continue learning and use reflective professional practice
  • operate their services within ethical business guidelines and aspire to current best practice.

The Elite Childcare philosophy upholds the:

  • UN Convention for the Rights on the Right of the Child
  • Early Childhood Australia’s Code of Ethics
  • The Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being and Becoming
  • The School Aged Care Learning Framework - My Time, Our Place
  • Australian Childrens Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA)
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